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Electric Bike

Electric Bike

Electric bikes

make riding effortless compared to a traditional bike pedal bike. Electric bikes are a great way to travel, or commute longer distances that might be a step too far on a normal pedal bike with out having to use a car, allowing you to do your bit for the environment. we stock are pedal assisted to give you a motor-like boost to help you ride farther and faster, also ride uphill and into headwinds with easy.

Electric bikes for sale

This is our selection of Electric Bikes that we stock here at Formby Cycles. All Electric Bikes from £299.99 up are available on 0% Finance with a 10% deposit.

For Example
per week for 6 months 0% Finance
£499.99=£8.65 per week for 12 months 0% Finance
£999.99=£8.65 per week for 24 months 0% Finance
£1499.99=£8.65 per week for 36 months 0% Finance

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