Cube Fritzz Review

For 2013, the Cube Fritzz ‘took a year out’. This was mainly to Cube re-designing the Stereo, and therefore they wanted riders to focus on that. It was 2013 that we saw the first Cube 650b, and yes inevitable has happened… Cube has given the 2014 Fritzz 650b wheels too, along with a load more new kit too!

Looking at the Fritzz and Stereo together, the Frizz shares much in common with the Stereo, but the fundamental difference is that the Fritzz is alloy, whereas the Stereo is Carbon. But this is not a bad thing, but so Cube can have two similar Mountain Bikes, aimed at two different markets. Within the Cube Fritzz range, there are 5 bikes. 3 of them are 650b, 160mm travel bikes, and the remaining 2 are 26in wheels, 180mm. As has become clear, the main interest for 2014 is 650b & 29ers, this would be the reason why the Fritzz range is largely 650b orientated, but with the option of 26 inch wheels, for the textbook riders!

So clearly, the Fritzz holds many of the Stereo’s attributes. The seat angle is 74.5 degrees. This will help with climbing, and the frame is Stealth-seatpost ready. The Fritzz Race and pro already come with a RockShox Reverb posted installed. It has a taller head tube that is Angleset adaptable, so if the stock 66.5-degree head angle isn’t slack enough, you can dial it out a bit. On the Fritzz, there are ISCG05 mounts surrounding the bottom bracket shell, for fitting a chain guard.

We believe the Fritzz’s have made a great addition to the Cube Mountain Bike range.