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Formby Cycles Giant Escape 1

If you’re looking at getting a hybrid bike, but are hugely confused on which one to go for, then maybe this review will light up the paths for you!

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The Giant Escape 1 Hybrid Bike is essentially, a road bike, with a flat handlebar. The Escape 1 is lighter, and more nimble that a full-blown commuter bike, but with more relaxed geometry that a full on road race bike.

Giant Escape 1 Hybrid Bike at Formby Cycles

Although it has the genes of a road bike, it will still serve the purpose of a multi-use bike, i.e. recreational road riding, general cycle paths but also the possibility of a bit of commuting too!

So let’s look at the frame… The heavily shaped Escape 1’s aluminium frame creates a flex-free frame structure, which when under heavy pedalling, is very stiff. This is why the Escape is a road-inspired hybrid bike. Although the frame is very stiff, it is accompanied with 32c tyres, which have a bit of give, but we’d still recommend you avoid those deadly potholes!

Giant Escape Tyres at Formby Cycles

Another feature of the Giant Escape 1 is a carbon fork. This means you get a very light front end, allowing the bike to be very agile and controllable at high speeds.

The riding position for this bike is fairly upright, which means many amateur cyclists will be suited to it, and those looking for a more casual ride. You can alter this slightly by playing with the spacers on the stem. Having said – we found if you lower the stem height slightly, the Escape 1 did become a lot more controllable on uneven surfaces, and at high speed.

Giant Bikes at Formby Cycles

This Giant Hybrid Bike is a very adaptable bike, and could also serve as a light touring bike. To add to this, there are fender mounts, which could be used for light pannier use.

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