Specialized Allez Race

Over the years, if you wanted an affordable aluminium road bike, the Allez was the bike to have. But recently Giant and Cannondale have been following in the same footsteps- both showing the Allez’s persona in the testing ground.

But for 2014, Specialized Road Bikes are hoping to recover that original reputation for the Allez with some newly added features, a lot of which are present on the new Allez S-Works.

When you ride the new Allez, its obvious straightaway that this year, Specialized have thought very differently about how they’re going to make the Allez. Last year’s Allez felt like what it was- A budget aluminium bike.

The Allez Race is certainly the one to watch. The geometry of it mirrors the Tarmac in as many ways as are possible. Also the new head tube and fork combination have turned this bike into a sharp and swift-handling machine.

For a racy feel, the Allez’s front end stiffness is impressive, this had its downsides, when going over rough terrain- nothing a Carbon handlebar couldn’t sort out though. The back end was no problem for comfort- with the widely spaced, thin seat stays, this offered a nice flexible ride.

The Allez Race’s spec is what we’d expect at the price point - a drivetrain that mixes Shimano 105 with an FSA Gossamer BB30 50/34 chainset (yes, the Allez frame is now oversized at the bottom bracket, like its big brother, the Tarmac.

The Specialized Allez’s Race Spec is what we would expect for the price. The Allez is not meant to be some £3000 Top of the range bike, but more of a ‘High Spec’d first road bike’ if you get the jist.

So, our overall views on the Specialized Allez Race

Highs: Handling, great all-weather tyres

Lows: Some harshness up front

Ride & handling: Much sharper and racier than previous Allez