Altura Sportive Jersey

Altura have been working hard on their clothing line throughout their existance. They have always provided clothing that works well along side with reasonable pricing. The jersey that we particularly like is the Altura Sportive short sleeve jersey.



The first thing we spotted was a handy 3 pockets in the back for a couple of gels and maybe a rain cape as we are not always going to avoid the rain, even if it is warm out! We liked the zipper on thr front too for those extra toasty days, allowing you to unzip and get some fresh air circulating around. The gripper around the waist works great to stop it riding up too much - almost feels a little like Gore clothing for the quality.

The childrens one is £27.99, short sleeve version is £44.99 and £54.99 for the long sleeve version. Great for chillier nights or coming into the autumn. Altura have done a great job of matching gloves                                                                                                     and jerseys, so you can get a pair of gloves to match your jersey for that better look!


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