Bickerstaffe Cycle Trails with Tom

I decided to take a trip up to Bickerstaffe to try out my newly built mountain  bike for a first trail ride.

So I headed off with my tools pump spare tube and the essentials food / water. At the time i decided to ride to Bickerstaffe with a group of friends it took us 1hour 30mins I think we will drive next time, eventually we arrived. We took a look around to see what there was too play on the trails where a bit sloppy and boggy so we decided to get the spade out drain off most of the puddles and placed some topsoil over. We done a few laps to get are bearings about the trails eventually gaining more confidence hitting the berms and jumps faster even trying whips bar turns.








I brought along my new specialized 2fo flats shoes to try out they felt so grippy with the slipnot compound and pedal contact and high side cuff supported my ankles a lot while out on the trails I did take on some water in shoe they are designed to dry off really quickly which they did.



The Bickerstaffe cycle trails are all of varying difficulty to suit both experienced cyclists and those new to Mountain Biking.

There is for a short XC Red Trail of 780m, a Black Line (including a easy push up track) of around 220m and a Jump Line of around

110m long.



All of the trails are fairly short, but are packed with features like berms, rollers, doubles, jumps, step ups, step downs to perfect your skills.






Trail, Centre or Base


0hf, 54 Rainford Rd, Bickerstaffe, Ormskirk, Lancashire L39 0HF


From the Church end:

To get to the Trails from the Church side of Bickerstaffe, go to the Church on Church Road (L39 0EH), and as you’re looking at the Church, take the path (signposted Public Footpath) on the left of the church which leads behind the church and then to the right. Follow the signs! There is no access to the Trails from any path on Intake Lane. Do not go to Intake Lane as there is no access from there, and there is no vehicle access at all to the Trails from the Bickerstaffe Church side of Bickerstaffe; but vehicles can be parked on the Parish Field car park, then cyclists can take the path on the left of the church described above, which can be used for bikes and pedestrians only.

From the Sandpiper pub end:

Follow the footpath over the motorway bridge keeping within the fencing. Follow the signs to turn left at the correct point: donot trespass onto farmland.


If you’re looking to get out there on the trails for a bit of cycling, check out our range of accessories at Formby Cycles  Happy cycling!