Bobbin Bicycles

The trendy Bobbin Bicycles brand was established in London in 2007 by Tom Morris and Sian Enmisson who both have a background in art and design. 


The history of Bobbin bikes

It was during their time spent working and living in Amsterdam that they fell in love with the Dutch style bikes and the whole citiy's attitude of riding and commuting round the city on cycles. When they moved to London they realised there weren’t any shops or brands that sold bikes aimed at people like themselves. 
So they set about changing that and decided to start selling the Dutch style cycles in London. At first they would travel over to Holland in a van to purchase bikes and bring them back, which they then sold in what they like to refer to as theirCycling Boutique due to the fashion conscious cycling accessories and clothing they sold alongside the bikes.
Over time they went on to design and develop their very own Bobbin brand of bikes and a range of Bobbin branded accessories. From humble beginnings Bobbin has grown from a cult brand to an international success story. Each Bobbin is designed to meet the daily needs of real people and the lives that they lead.  All their bikes are beautiful but with a practical twist; they have useful features like mudguards, chain protectors and carrier racks so you can wear your normal clothes and arrive looking chic and unflustered.

The Bobbin Range

Bobbins have a small but elegant range of leisure and commuting cycles. The Bobbin Birdie, Brownie & Hummingbird are the bikes that are a more traditional Dutch style bicycle, they come with mudguards, chain protector and rack. Bobbin also has a range of wicker baskets which can be attached on the front of these bikes.  
Then there is a range of classic retro commuting bikes like the Bobbin Wagtail, Daytripper and Kingfisher. The wagtail looks like a retro mountain bike with its fat tyres and rigid frame. Were as the Daytripper and Kingfisher are like old fashioned gent’s bikes, which wouldn’t look out of place in any 50’s movie but are very much up to date regards build materials and components. They have also created their own take on the folding bike called simply Fold.  Designed to store in tight spaces it has all the usual Bobbin features with some added functionality. The pedals flip up and bars fold down, making it the perfect bike for someone with very limited space. The Bobbin Gingersnap children’s bike is another bike that as proved to be very popular and it is available in 4 sizes, 12”, 16” 20” and 24”. Bobbin will shortly adding another children’s bike called Moonbug which I’m sure will be just as popular.
You can also buy a range of Bobbin branded accessories for your bike from wicker baskets and panniers to cycle helmets and retro styled lights. All accessories are designed to complement and add style to your Bobbin. Even with the understated colour schemes on the Bobbin bikes, you will still stand out from the crowd.

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