Cannondale at Formby Cycles

Cannondale road bikes are award winning, great quality and innovative in bike frame design. The Cannondale CAAD models have Smartformed 6069 alloy frames, carbon forks and feature Synapse Active Vibration Elimination (S.A.V.E.) design to reduce bumps over rough ground and improve all round handling and performance. The CAAD range is an excellent alternative to the more expensive carbon framed bikes from other road bike specialists.This is our selection of Cannondale Road Bikes that we stock here at Formby Cycles. All Cannondale Road Bikes from £299.99 up are available on 0% Finance with a 10% deposit.

Cannondale Road Bike

Cannondale a collection of riders, racers, engineers, innovators, and bike nuts. Their overall goal is to create the perfect ride. Their overall passion is commitment. There's nothing better than the Cannondale feel - test ride one at Formby Cycles today. We promise, you won't look back

Cannondale's Road bikes are pure thoroughbred racing machines. Their Elite line of road bikes is designed for maximum efficiency. It's not suprising that they focus on extreme light weight, balanced stiffness and aggressive positioning, as it really shows in all of their bikes! Their Elite range is engineered to get you to the finish line first.