How to Adjust Your Headset

Riding with a loose headset will be more difficult and less comfortable and will wear out the bearings and damage your headset.




Loosen the  two bolts that clamp your stem onto your fork steerer tube using an allen key  so that they are just loose — don’t undo them completely . Then undo the headset stem top cap bolt. You might need a different size of Allen key than you did for the stemside bolts.









How to adjust your headset



Now you can alter the bar and stem height this can be done with the spacers beneath the stem. If you lower the stem be sure to put the spacers you take out above the stem and then put the rest beneath the stem.










How to adjust your headsetHow to adjust your headsetWhen tightening the headset top cap it MUST pushed right down on the stem, or the spacer above it, and then the top cap tightened up. Do up the headset top cap until it is just tight — at this point you should be unable to turn your stem spacers. Do not overtighten it.Then make sure the stem is straight and in line with your wheel, A torque wrench is needed to get the right torque on the side stem bolts .make sure you do not over tighten the bolts.









How to adjust your headsetHow to adjust your headset Now Lift the front of the bike off the ground by the handlebars  and let the front wheel and handlebars move easy from side to side. If it’s smooth, that’s good; if it’s stiff, the stem head cap bolt was done up too tight, so try again and repeat the process .







If you’re finding it hard to adjust your headset check out our repair shop at Formby Cycles we would be more than happy to help. Happy cycling!