How to Remove Brake Pads

Disc brakes are now used on almost all types of road bikes & mountain bikes, Formby cycles shows you how to change the pads on your disc bike.                                                                                                                                                                              

Disc brake pads are a important consumable component of your bike, and it goes without saying that it’s important to keep them in tip top condition.




  1)      Remove your wheel - and check that your pads have at least the minimum of 1.5mm of material left on them. If you let them wear down too much it could lead to rotor damage which will cost a lot more than a set of pads!












 Giant road bike disc brake

2)      Take the pad retaining pin out, some screw in, some press in – familiarise yourself with the type of retaining pin you have before trying to remove it. If it’s a press in / screw in with a snap clip, remove the snap clip first.












Giant defy pro 2 fork


3)      Retract your pistons – be very careful during this procedure as being heavy handed can damage the pistons. Gently press them back into the calliper so they are flush.











Giant defy road bike refit pads


4)      Put your pads back in – some pads are left and right specific – take your time and sandwich the spring between the two pads ready to install.












Giant disc bike


5)      Securely fasten your pads into the calliper. Slide your pads in gently and pop the retaining pin and re attach your pad retaining pin. Before rein stalling your wheel, clean your rotor up of any trail / road dirt on your rotors. We use isopropyl alcohol.











Giant defy pro 2 road


 6)Test! Time to check it all works, pull the brake you have reinstalled pads on up to ten times to get the pistons to come out of the calliper again. You might have to re adjust your calliper to stop any potential rubbing before heading out on your next ride













If you’re finding it hard to change your disc pads check out our repair shop at Formby Cycles we would bemore than happy to help. Happy cycling!