Cycle to Work

Commuting statistics show that 55% of total transport emissions are made up from personal car use. Not only that, but over half of these journeys are under 5 Miles. A lot of these short journeys could be completed more easily on a bike, especially high congestion areas.

There are many benefits to riding to work, just a few include; Keeps you fit, reduces traffic levels and saves a lot of money. That’s where you say “But I’ve then got to buy a bike”. With help from the Cycle-To-Work-Scheme, you can save up to 50%, as you don’t have to pay tax on it. Instead, the government will pay the tax for you.

So why not ask your employer if they are part of the Cycle-To-Work-Scheme, and if they’re not, suggest to them that they should join it. You can get all the clothing and accessories you need, to travel to work safely and efficiently. You don’t have to pay upfront for the bike; instead monthly deductions are taken out of your wages/salary.

You will find when you get to work, that you are more motivated to work, and are ready to work as soon as you start. This is because you are getting yourself healthier, and you’ve woken up your brain. You will be refreshed, and feel a sense of achievement, even more so if you carry on through the rainy mornings!


At Formby Cycles we will advise you on the best commuting bike for you. We sell many suitable bikes including Cube, Trek, Cannondale and Specialized Hybrid Bikes. Depending on what terrain you cross on the way to work will depend on what Hybrid Bike you need. To see our full range of Hybrid Bikes, click here.

There are three organisations that you can buy bike from us with. If you company has a Cycle-To-Work-Scheme in operation, they will be signed up to one of these three:


Cycle Plus                                          CycleScheme                                       Bike2WorkScheme


For more information on Cycle-To-Work Schemes call us on 01704 835720, or come in to our Store.