Cycle Food and Drink

As well as day-to-day life, it’s a good idea to keep a healthy, balanced diet if you want to sustain cycle fitness. By tailoring your diet healthily, you will be able to ride faster, for longer. Containing a combination of carbohydrate, electrolyte and protein, all bike energy foods, drinks and gels are carefully balanced to enhance performance, improve recovery and maintain constant energy levels. Each item of cycle food you buy will be for before, during and after riding to match your body’s different requirements, at different stages of exercising. Riding and During

Before you start your ride, and during it, you will find the higher concentration of carbohydrates of energy bars benefitting. Energy drinks replace electrolytes lost during the ride in order to keep you going, keep cramps at bay and prevent dehydration.

If you are on a long-distance ride, then you’ll need to keep your energy levels constant, making sure that you eat and drink whenever you are hungry or thirsty, this will keep your performance levels high, and give your refreshments time to work their magic.

Consume a light but carbohydrate packed meal 2-3 hours before a race starts, making sure you have enough time to digest it. Whilst exercising, you need roughly 30-60g of carbohydrates over each hour, along with 100-150ml of fluid every 15-20 minutes.

Remember before you prepare for a race, that you have certain energy products in mind. Don’t try anything new on the day, as this could cause digestion problems, and another thing to remember is that some products have an acquired taste!

After riding

It’s easy to forget to replenish your body after a ride, and this really needs to be done in the hour after. Post ride products contain more protein to help rebuild muscles, provide easy absorption of carbohydrates and protein and help your body to rehydrate.

Usually after most rides, we’re ready to rest… for a long time in some cases! But it is very important and can be damaging if forgotten, to have a warm down. This can be anything from a few stretches when your home, or a quick ride around the block.

Which product?

To imitate cereal bars, energy bars are carbohydrate-packed, nutritious, and easy to digest, although require more fumbling around to get into. Energy drinks and gels are a lot easier to consume, are less substantial physically than bars for those who have trouble digesting food on the move, but have a stronger taste.


Here is a list of food-related brands that we stock. Camelbak is a company that makes reservoir rucksacks, so you can carry a lot of liquid on your back, comfortably. Great for long distance rides.

Brands we stock



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