Garmin Edge 810 GPS Computer

The Garmin Edge 810 GPS computer is available from just the head unit itself for £319.99 going up to the cadence, heart rate monitor and also city navigator bundle for £419.99. If you do not need to navigate to somewhere or monitor your heart rate / speed or cadence then the £319.99 model will do you proud. The more advanced cyclist may require to know what the heart rate is throughout the ride, along with knowing what cadence they have been riding at, in which case they would need to go for the top model to ensure they get everything they need.

Garmin have done a great job with their Edge 810, main thing we noticed is exeptional battery life. We have went out 80 miles one saturday spent a week commuting  and it only came down to 5% battery left on Friday evening. This is with forgetting to turn bluetooth off a couple of times and measuring cadance/speed throughout all the rides. We were very impressed indeed.

The Garmin Edge 810 can navigate point to point if this is something that you require. Point to point navigation is great for cycle touring if you have sights set in mind where you want to visit on your ride. Alternatively you can set a specific route with a specific amount of climbing on Garmin Base Camp to ensure you can get the most out of your ride.

You can set your Garmin Edge 810 to "ride" or "train" the two simple differences are that "ride" allows you to just cycle on your way and "train" can set paramaters of anything you wanted. Speed, cadence etc and will play an audable sound should you drop below or above your training zones.

The display screen lets you choose to display anything at all you want. You can have just speed, or you can display a multitude of different reads...speed,cadence,battery level, heart rate, time, sunset, temperature, elevation, total elevation, gradient, heading (displays north west east etc), time riding, pretty much anything you want anywhere on the screen you want.

The premium heart rate strap is really comfortable too. No fancy push in clips or anything here - just hooks over and away you go. The cadence and speed sensors are nice and small too - no bulky cables in sight or on the unit...all wireless!

Using this unit in the rain is great too. The rain resting on the screen doesn't (so far) appear to affect the screen at all. Usually water on touch screens has the same affect on them as a child with an iPad. Every droplett usually presses on the screen changing displays, going to different pages etc. You can lock the screen too by pressing the power off button and simply pressing the "lock" ikon. Done!

We love the Garmin 810 and the 1000 is just fancier, though for battery life and general functionality 810 wins time after time. 

If you’re looking  for a Garmin edge computer check out our range of GPS computers at Formby Cycles. Happy cycling!