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The bike is a truly amazing invention, for the last hundred years or so they have served people well helping them commute from one place to another.

At Formby Cycles we offer the full range of cube bikes for sale from the entry level Cube road and mountain bikes to the more expensive top of the range bikes. We are an official cube bikes UK distributor, which gives us a great insight to the quality of the Cube bike brand and its great value for money.

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Our cube mountain bikes have proved to be very good sellers with the lower priced Aim, Analog and Attention’s being very popular with the teenagers and commutes alike. At the other end of the scale the full suspension mountain bikes seem to be going down well with the downhillers and trail riders. Most cube mountain bikes come with either 27.5 or 29 inch wheels combined with a strong built frame cubes are made for rough and tough riding over mountains and all terrains these bikes are a must have for the riders who are looking for good value for money and reliability.

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We understand that mountain biking is not a walk in the park it has a lot of risks associated with it, as it is a sport of confidence, skill, and endurance. But our cube mountain bikes will give you a confident feel that you want when out on the trails for fun a ride. With a Cube there’ll be hours and hours of fun and thrills. We provide the best quality bikes at a price you can afford which means you can have the bike of your choice without compromising with the second best! Come today and get the bike of your dreams!