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Giant Bikes are the biggest manufacturer of bikes in the world, producing over 4.5million bikes a year. Giant have been going for over 25 years and have been consistently building and designing top class bikes throughout. Giant Bikes produce bikes for all kinds of riding. From road to mountain or from children’s to commuting, Giant make them all. Giant Bikes pride themselves in the building the best bikes possible for each application.
In Giant's 25 year history, they have expanded into all aspects of the bicycle market. Giant Bikes now produce all you can think of, from the bikes themselves to all kinds of accessories. Pumps, tyres, wheels, multi tools and clothing, Giant make it all.
Giant Bikes have now become industry leaders in all things composite, from its bike frames to its seat posts, Giant Bikes are leading the way.

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Giant Bikes History

Established 1972 in Dajia, Taichung County (now part of Taichung City), Giant started as an OEM, manufacturing bicycles to be sold exclusively under other brand names (for example, Schwinn and Nishiki), as a private label. In 1986, Giant, under new president Bill Austin, established its own brand of bicycles to compete in the rapidly expanding $200-and-above price range. Today Giant has sales in over 50 countries, in over 10,000 retail stores. In 2007, its global sales surpassed 5 million bicycles and $820 million USD in global revenues.

Giant currently have 7 bicycle catagories: -

  • Road - Training, advanced and professional road bikes are included in this group.
  • Mountain - Includes bikes for various riding styles. From casual single track to race specific downhill bikes.
  • Comfort - A range of casual city bikes.
  • Mode - Bikes designed for youth teens.
  • Indoor Cycling - Indoor fitness bikes.
  • Family Cycling - Bikes designed for children.
  • Speciality - HALFWAY and the CLIP are the only bikes in this folding bike group.

In 2006, Giant introduced the TCR Advanced road bicycle frame, a high end carbon fiber racing design which integrates the seatpost and frame together as a single unit. Using this design the seatpost on a new frame must be cut precisely to fit the owner by a trained Giant dealer. Proponents of this design point to weight savings and increased rigidity, at the expense of being able to fit the bicycle to a different rider in the future. Giant introduced the compact geometry frame for racing bicycles. The Union Cycliste Internationale altered the specific requirements to allow for a sloping top tube. They also introduced its Maestro suspension in 2006. Maestro Suspension, according to Giant, is designed to deliver an efficient rear suspension power transfer. Maestro utilizes a set-up of four pivot points and two linkages to create a floating pivot point which is designed to reduce pedal bob and enables the rear wheel to travel vertically


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Giant Bikes

More History:

Founded in 1972, Giant started its life as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), producing component parts for use in other brands of bike. However, in 1986 the company decided to go private, producing their own range of products for avid cyclists. As the company has grown, Giant has spread into other markets and currently they have six different categories of bicycle (see below). Indeed, nowadays the Taiwanese bicycle manufacturer Giant can boast of being the largest bicycle manufacturer in the world, with factories in Taiwan, China and the Netherlands. Similarly, the company is one of the most lucrative bicycle manufacturers in the world, selling its products in over 50 countries and amassing an impressive $820million in revenue each year.

Below is a list of all the Giant bikes currently on the market, split into the six sections: Mountain, Road, Woman, Lifestyle, Power Assisted and Kids.

Mountain Range:

The Mountain range consists of four different styles of bike, each specifically designed to help the mountain biker of all levels, from novice to professional.


- Anthem X0:
A very light bike, the Anthem X0 is built for speed and manoeuvrability. This is very much an improvement on the hugely successful Anthem X1, with the key upgrades including a new handlebar and seat post as well as an improved set of disc brakes and an all-new, CrossMax XL wheel set. The Anthem XO retails at approximately £3500 worldwide.

- Anthem Advanced:
Much like the Anthem X0, the Anthem Advanced is an improvement on the X1 series. A super-light Shimano XTR racing wheel set with 26” rims, on top of the Fox Float RP23 shock-absorbers, makes this bike perfect for the cycling purist. The Anthem Advanced retails at approximately £2500 worldwide.


- Trance X:
The Trance X is built with the very pinnacle of cycling technology, and combines the three key elements of speed, precision and longevity to create a truly superb racing bike. The Trance X retails at a very respectable £1800 worldwide.


- Glory 0:
The Glory 0 takes all the positives of the previous Glory 1 range and adds a better hydraulic braking system, an improved X.9 rear derailleur as well as a Marzocchi 66RC3 rear shock absorber. All together, the new additions help create a bike for all mountain conditions, and thus a bike for all people. The Glory 0 is currently on the market for approximately £2500 worldwide.

Road Range:

The Road range consists of three different styles of bike, with focus going on racing and fitness.


- TCR Advanced SL:
This is a stunning piece of machinery. All of Giant’s innovative Shimano technology can be found in the TCR Advanced SL, such as Full Shimano Dura-Ace 7900 20 speed group set, the Shimano PRO handlebar and stem, not to mention the ground-breaking Shimano Carbon-Dura featherweight wheel set. Retailing at approximately £4500 the TCR Advanced is certainly one for the serious biker.

- Trinity Advanced:
Featuring Giant’s pioneering Compact Aero design, the Trinity Advanced is an upgrade on both the Trinity 0 and the Trinity Alliance. Designed on the principles of speed and performance that have built the name of Giant, with clever features such as the integrated Vision Carbon bar system and the Mavic Cosmic Elite wheel, the Trinity Advanced is the perfect bike for the road racer. The Trinity Advanced retails at approximately £3500 worldwide.


- Defy Advanced:
Lighter, stiffer and more aggressive than the Defy Alliance, the Defy Advanced is a bike that certainly merits its status as a performance bike. Race Face Revolution handlebar and stem make for a lighter ride, and the Full Shimano Ultegra 20 speed group set make the Defy Advanced an awesome performance bike. The Defy advanced currently retails at £2000 worldwide.


- FCR Advanced:
The FCR Advanced is a fitness bike that aims to replicate the experience of the gym in the outside environment. Advanced Composite technology is used in the design of the frame and overdrive fork, and added to the Shimano technology found in the higher-end of the Giant range, one can rest assured the FCR Advanced is more than just an exercise bike. It retails at just £1500.

Woman Range:

The Woman range consists of three different styles of bike, which are specifically targeted at the female audience.

Road W

- FCR W:
The FCR W contains all the redeeming features which made the FCR Advanced such a successful bike, but in a design that is more suitable to the female gender. Very much targeted towards road racing, the FCR W also doubles up as a fitness bike, which can be seen by the use of the Shimano Tiagra chain set and Mavic rims. The FCR W retails at around £600 worldwide.

- Aeryn:
A slightly more professional bike, Aeryn is less about fun and fitness, and more about racing and speed. The Aeryn uses special Alliance technology in the design of the lightweight frame, as well as in the fork. A Full Shimano 20 Dura-Ace speed set allows for greater speed, thus making it perfect for road racing. The Aeryn would set you back approximately £1500 in today’s market.

Mountain W

- Arete W:
As an improvement on the Arete2, the Arete W uses specialised Rock Shox Reba technology in its 100mm travel fork, as well as the highly original Avid Juicy 5 hydraulic disc brakes, something which sets this bike apart from the rest. Also at a tasty £750, this is certainly a bike that female bikers should give serious consideration to purchasing.

Lifestyle W

- CRS 0 W:
Recently designed in spring of 2008, the new generation CRS frame design is something Giant is extremely proud of. As well as this, the T700 Carbon Composite fork with aluminium steerer helps add an element of safety to an otherwise high-performance bike. This bike currently retails at £600 worldwide.

A spin-off from the CRS 0 range, the CRS FS is a bike designed more for everyday use, with consideration to lifestyle taken into consideration in its design. At £350, this is a bike that is perfectly suited to the casual female cyclist.

Lifestyle Range:

The Lifestyle range consists of two different styles of bike, both of which target the casual cyclist.


- Escape Mini:
Based on the design for the Escape R and Escape M, the Escape Mini is very much a bike for convenience. Its space-saving design, as well as its lightweight material allows it to be stored with ease. Despite its fragile frame, the Escape Mini is extremely Mini and is certain to be a big hit with commuters...even more so when they realise it retails at just £850.


- Cypress:
With its lightweight ALUXX Aluminium frame, amazing hill-taming capabilities, plush saddles and easy handling the Cypress has got to be one of Giant’s most user-friendly bikes on the market. A Shimano braking system and Anti-Slip Resin pedals also mean this bike is extremely safe. The Cypress retails at approximately £225 worldwide, which is a great bargain.

- Sedona:
With its 26-inch wheels and specialised Giant saddle, the Sedona creates a smooth and easy ride, regardless of the terrain. Much like the Cypress, the Sedona shows that quality and performance do not necessarily mean big prices, and the retail price of £275 highlights this.

Power Assisted Range:

The Power Assisted range consists of just one bike, which is solely for those seeking an altogether easier ride.


- Freedom:
Popular with commuters, the Freedom uses a special hybrid system powered by two lithium batteries which makes for an easier ride. A Shimano Nexus 8 speed internal gear hub also means that the ride is an altogether faster affair than that of the previous Freedom CS Lite model. The Freedom is currently on the market for £1200 worldwide.

Kids Range:

The Kids range consists of just two different bikes, which are targeted to those just starting to learn how to ride a bike.


- Animator:
The Animator comes in two different sizes, 12” and 16”. The bike is designed to sit low to the ground, allowing for easy access both on and off the bike. Fully equipped with a rigid frame, powerful brakes and thick wheels, the Animator is perfect for those just starting to appreciate the beauty of cycling. The option of detachable stabilizers also allows for steady progress, and at just under £100, the Animator is worth every penny.


- Tricycle:
A bike for the very young cyclist, the Tricycle provides a stepping stone into the word of cycling. The bike comes in three different colours - blue, red and pink - making it suitable for anyone looking to purchase their child’s first bike. The Giant Tricycle currently retails at a respectable £70 worldwide.