The Giant Escape 3

The Giant Escape 3 is the perfect bike for someone wanting to ride a great quality bike for cheaper. This bike comes in at £299.99  and is packed full of features we are used to seeing on more expensive bikes.GIANT ESCAPE 3 HYBRID REVEIW





The Aluxx lightweight aluminium frame is absolutely fantastic. The bike rides like a more expensive bike thanks to the hard work from the people who have made this bike a reality. The Shimano gears work flawlessly too - light action for the 21 gears that you have to use - a gear for everything from the steepest hill to the flattest road with the wind behind you. The fork is made out of steel, which whilst heavy helps keep things smoother on bumpy paths.




Giant escape stemThis bike has an a-head handlebar stem system. At £299.99 it's all too comon to have a quill style wedge system for your handlebar making for a less positive experience on steering performance. The a-head system is a firm fittment direct to the forks to help when on any ride to have the best performance possible.

The rims are double walled which means that you have a strong positive riding wheel with no worries on the UK roads, potholes, cycle lanes or gravel paths. 700c wheels are perfect for mile munching rides, or gentle rides down the prom. Bigger wheels roll easier and smooth out bumps more efficiently.

There is a ladies version of this bike too called the Giant Alight 3 - all the same great features, just with a step through frame instead. This comes in light blue and also dark blue. The gents bike comes in black and also an option for blue.

This is the starting point for adult bikes from Formby Cycles and it feels like a much higher priced bike. We like the versatility of these bikes, you can mount guards, racks, anything you want on them and £299.99 for the Giant Escape 3 and Giant Alight 3 (ladies) means you can buy his and hers!

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