Giant Hybrid Bikes

So have you heard about “Hybrids” if not they are the next big thing in the biking industry. What exactly does a “Hybrid” signify? Well a hybrid bike is a cycle which is a combination of both the road and mountain bike put together in one bike to make it even more tough, comfortable, and sturdy!

Giant Hybrid Bikes for Sale in UK

We at Formby cycles have the best Giant hybrid bikes on the market. Our hybrid bikes will give you more accessibility to routes you just could not take on a normal road bike. With added features from both road and mountain bikes, our bikes are made with high-quality material and components. The more upright frame that hybrids cycles come with, give you a very comfortable position and a more secure feel. The wheels on these bikes are built for greater stability and durability and with slightly wider rims. The tyres are also wider and are generally more knobbly, giving you more grip when riding off road.

The gear ratio’s that come on a hybrid bike will give you an upper edge, making climbs feel easier while still having the ability to go fast on flat without any hassle. The Giant hybrid is a great cycle to give you the freedom to roam and is sure leave you with a smile on your face. We provide us excellent service and from beginning to end.

Giant Hybrid Bikes for Sale

The Giant hybrid bikes are available at our store and they can also be purchased online; you can come to our store and get sized up to ensure you get the right bike for you. A hybrid is quite a good option for riding on any kind of surface. The most important thing is selecting the right bike and with Formby cycles this becomes possible. With thrills and chills guaranteed you are sure to have the ride of your life so hurry now and get your dream bike today!