Go Green: Why not switch your commute with a E-Bike

It’s certainly hard to ignore the explosion in electric bikes, also known as e-bikes. The promise of being able to ride further, faster and for longer appeals to a lot of people, but when it comes to commuting are they a really good alternative to the car.

E-bikes are winning lots of fans in Continental Europe, though the UK has been a little slower to catch on. But that’s changing with the yearly sales of electric bikes increasing over the last couple of years and trend appears to be on an upward curve.

What is an e-bike?

Put simply, an electric bike that provides extra power when you’re pedalling. Most e-bikes won’t assist you if you’re just coasting, so abandon the idea of zooming up hills without pedalling at all. Electric bikes are usually made from specific frames and components that are built to handle the extra stresses caused by heavier, more powerful drivetrains.

E-bike vs. normal bike

So how do electric bikes compare to a standard bike? Well, an electric bike will heavier due to the battery and it will be more expensive than a regular push bike.  If you were to run out of battery far from home or need to lift it could be a problem as they often weigh more than 15kg (30lbs). Of course with a standard bike all the power comes from you and your legs, there is no electric assist when you hit then hills.

Different types of e-bikes

You can get electrically assisted versions of almost type of bike! There are e-MTBs, e-road bikes, e-hybrids, e-folding bikes. Most e-bikes now are powered via an electric motor mounted onto the bottom bracket with the battery is normally mounted on either the downtube or a pannier rack above the rear wheel.

How do I charge an e-bike?

Electric bikes can be charged from any mains power socket and most new models let you remove the battery so you don’t need to leave your bike plugged in overnight. That’s good news if you were worrying about getting it near a power point every time you wanted to charge it. A full charge normally takes around 3-4 hours, but the batteries have improved to the point where you can partially charge them in a couple of hours, without damaging the battery cell.

If you have been thinking of leaving the car at home but think commuting by bike could be too much like hard work. Then an Electric Bike could be the answer. Allowing you to get fit but at the same time helping to take the strain when the going gets tough. With e-bikes becoming more popular and are well worth investigating as an alternative mode of transport.

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