Road Bikes & Winter Sun Cycling in Tenerife with Phil our Store Manager

Riding in winter can be hard on UK cyclists. As the weather becomes harsh, it’s hard to get out in the wind and rain and find time or motivation to get out on the road or trails and stay in shape. I was out in Tenerife last week and was lucky to get the green light of my missus to take my Giant Road Bike from Formby Cycles! It was great to get back out in short sleeves and shorts and to feel the nice warmth of the sun again from a long distant memory from the UK summer.

Sat with Contador in my new Wilier cycling kit 


A Typical Day’s Riding in Tenerife

A typical day’s ride (in this case day four) I met up with one of the guests from the hotel for a ride, I put a “surprise me” route in on my Garmin 1000 – set it for 40 miles and hit go. The climbs my Garmin had in store was just 5000ft, I was acclimatised to climbing anyway, so I was quite positive that we’d have a good day. As we got on to the TF82 to Guia De Isora – we spotted professional cycling team Tinkoff. Lo and behold who do we see? Alberto Contador sat having a coffee. We thought it would be a great opportunity to stop and say hello! I grabbed my phone out and asked if he minded me getting a quick picture of him – one of the other team members took the picture for me. He was very approachable and was really happy we stopped to meet him. I wished him well for the season and he told me to have a good day riding before setting off with their team car for their days training.






Pit Stop in Tamino

After the last big climb of the day we headed to a café stop in Tamino – one that I’ve used in the past and love going there as they make you feel so at home. With stunning views, fantastic people and a great café you won’t get a better way to finish a day’s ride!


Whilst sitting down we were approached by an older chap from Holland who was wearing his original race helmet from the early 80’s. We chatted about our past and future cycling adventures over a coffee whilst trading route information from the ride we have just done. He consulted this with his GPS system, otherwise known as a map that was folded up in his back pocket, said our farewells and went our separate ways.


Hiring bikes

I can’t recommend it enough, if you get the chance to cycle in Tenerife – taking your own bike is the best, but you can hire bikes there if you can’t take your own! I will be going back for sure – it cost me £70 to take my bike and my companion paid € 32 a day to hire one so it does work out cheaper if you go riding more than just once or twice. If you want to hire a bike this place is one that I’ve looked into a few times but usually ended up taking my bike anyway as I can’t get enough of being on my bike!


Winter Sun Cycling Essentials

Here’s a list of essentials that I take with me when in Tenerife:

  • Helmet is a must – no helmet, no ride!
  • Clip in shoes – nothing worse heading out to a foreign country and forgetting them!
  • Spare tubes – usually two per ride
  • Bib shorts and short sleeve jersey and a light gilet for cooler descents
  • Hydration tabs and two bottles
  • Euros for a café stop! 












If you’re looking to get out there in the winter sun for a bit of cycling, check out our range of road bikes at Formby Cycles. Happy cycling!