Align and Sierra

Specialized adult helmets start at £29.99 for both male and female sizing. The fit is a nice secure fit for both ladies and gentlemen. There is no specific small, medium, or large, just one size fits most. For the ones that this size doesn't fit, we have the Max, which is an XL still at £29.99.

When you try on one of the Align, Sierra or Max helmets you will notice how comfortable it feels. The dial in adjustment in the back fine tunes fitment and the chin strap is highly adjustable giving you a great fit no matter the helmet choice.

Plenty of vents in a style similar to more expensive helmets keep your head cool "cooler heads prevail" is a Specialized helmet moto. With a removeable peak for if you're out on your mountain bike or out on your road bike - this helmet will match your clothing style with the colours available.

The Specialized Align, Max and Sierra helmets are a sporty helmet that can be used for commuting, mountain biking, hybrid and road bike riding alike.

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 If you`re looking for a Specialized Align helmets, check out our range of cycle helmets at Formby Cycles. Happy cycling