Specialized Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

 At Formby Cycles, Specialized Full Suspension Mountain Bikes are very popular. The customers love them and our staff love them, they are wonderful to look at. If you buy a Specialized Full Suspension bike at Formby Cycles, you can put it on 0% Finance.

Specialized have been making Full Suspension Bikes for a long time. They are well developed, and made with high quality materials. Each and every bike has high-end kit on it, ready to hit the trails.

Cross Country: Epic

The Specialized Epic is an XC World Championship Winner, (Multiple) may we add?! The Epic is equipped with 29er wheels and 100mm of Suspension, it’s also present with the unique Specialized Brain Suspension, which is ready for any trail.


Trail: Stunt Jumper 130mm, Camber 100mm

The Specialized Stuntjumper has been a part of Specialized since 1981. Each year small improvements have been made, but its heart remains on the trail, always ready for an adventure. The Specialized Stuntjumper is available with either a 26in wheel or 29in wheel. The Stuntjumper is loaded to the MAX with features such as an internally routed dropper-post, an AUTOSAG suspension set-up, and a Dangler chain retention system to keep the ride quiet as possible.

 http://s7d5.scene7.com/is/image/Specialized/64214?$Grid$   http://s7d5.scene7.com/is/image/Specialized/65231?$Grid$






Gravity: Demo, Status

The World cup winning Specialized Demo is ready for anything. This bike has been designed and engineered to be the best downhill bike out there. The Spec of this bike is world cup level. With a lightweight, carbon frame, the handling is better than ever before, the bike goes wherever you want it.

Across the UK, trail centres are vastly improving. With each genre of trail, there’s a bike to go with it. The Specialized Status Full Suspension Mountain Bike is one of them, with 200mm of travel, it’s not one for the road races; to say the least. This is a definitive kind of bike, special to one kind of riding, starting at the top… going down! Up-lifts are becoming more and more popular, and that’s the home of this Specialized Status.











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