Tern Folding and Electric Folding Cycles

Tern Cycles are named after a small, lightweight bird that mates for life and holds the world record for the longest migration. The Tern folding bike is the city, commuting bike to be seen on. At Tern Cycles they build bikes that defy expectations for what a folding bike should do and they have a wide range of folding bikes for different types of riders. Since 2011 when they started up they have received numerous awards recognizing excellence of their products.
Tern, are working towards building a sustainable future, this is based on their core belief that the bike is the ultimate high-efficiency vehicle and this is central to their vision as a company. They build bikes that bring together all the things people need to drive less and ride more.
 “A commitment to sustainability is central to who we are. We design our bikes to be serviceable rather than land-fillable. And we are constantly searching for ways to reduce our impact, like minimizing packaging, specifying recycled cardboard, and reducing use of harmful chemicals like chromium”.
Tern strives to get more people on bikes because cycling is a healthier, greener transport and they design and build their bikes to be ridden daily for many years. Tern subscribes to the belief that higher-quality and longer-lasting products will last longer and pay off in the end, which is good for the planet as well as the customer’s pocket.  
When you make products the right way, with heart and attention to detail, they last. There are too many products in the world today that aren’t built to last. We don’t want to add any more”.
Creating a bicycle requires a lot of different materials and processing, So Tern set out to actively seek out environmentally-friendly materials and processes were possible and they are always looking to do more. As they saying goes “If a thing worth doing it’s worth doing right”, and Tern certainly set the bar high, climb over it, and then do it again. 
At Formby Cycles we sell the full range of Tern Folding and Folding Electric bikes. If you would like to purchase a Tern Cycle, please contact our sales team on 01704 835720 or buy direct on our website where we have 0% finance options up to 36 months on all our bikes. www.formbycycles.co.uk