Whyte Glencoe Gravel Bike.

When it comes to taking the rough with the smooth road then it’s got be a gravel bike that you need. Ever set off for a gentle road ride but wished you could be a bit more adventurous well with a bike like the Whyte Glencoe your wish is the bikes command.
The Whyte Glencoe is the latest addition to Whyte’s Gravel bike range and comes in at a lower price point than the Friston and Gisburn, making getting off road even easier. It’s a bike that defines the emerging Gravel bike category. Rolling along on smooth tarmac - but then when the going gets tough the Glencoe gets going and really comes into its own.
 Whyte Glencoe
The Glencoe is surprisingly smooth and quiet even on the roughest roads. The bike encourages you to push forward where normally you would be inclined to pull back helping you to carry more speed, grip and confidence into the bend.  It has a long and stable frame geometry, specifically tuned for this wheel size, combined with shorter stem, wider bars and increased steering trail, similar to what you might find on a hardtail bike it creates a handling formula with huge gains in high speed stability on the roughest terrain. The tough 650b wheels, complete with their massive-air-volume, next-generation tubeless 47c tyres, provide supple grip without any slowing in pace.
Whyte Glencoe
Whether you’re an all year round commuter or you sometimes wish to go off road, the Glencoe is perfect bike that will give you the control you need on unpredictable surfaces.  Has Whyte states “the Glencoe is the best all round road bike we have ever made”.
The Glencoe combine Gravel/Adventure frame geometry with the new Road Plus tyres. These high air volume 650b tyre, which come on 650b wheels have the same rolling circumference as a 700cX28c setup. Give you huge levels of comfort and security on even the roughest road and gravel surfaces. While the "1 by 11" technology offers simplicity, reliability and a range of gears to cover every eventuality. TRP mechanical/hydraulic disc brakes add stopping power and control.
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