Top 5 Mountain Bike Tyres


Specialized Butcher 


Specialized Butcher The Specialized Butcher tyre is almost like the jack of all trades. This tyre is Specced on a lot of Specialized bikes, the Enduro being one of them. This tyre can be pushed and pushed and will keep coming back for more. We use this as a front tyre rather than a rear due to the burley nature of the tyre - send it into a rock garden and it will steer you true. We have used this as a rear tyre paired with the same tyre on the front in alpine like conditions - and it almost reminds us of the Maxxis Highroller to the performance and the tread shape.






Schwalbe Magic Mary 

Schwalbe Magic Mary


Being a really chunky tyre this is made for serious terrain. The Magic mary mountain bike tyre comes in a multitude of different guises - the wider the tyre - the more gravity oriented it is, the narrower the more trail specific you go. They have Pacestar, Trailstar, Vertstar and Supergravity so every trail you ride you will have a tyre for it! The favorite is the 2.35 Trailstar for the front (softer compound) and the same size for the rear but the Pacestar (harder compound) The Magic Mary does have quite a tall tread to it, though we have never noticed the bike wandering on the trail due to the height. The tyre does clear really fast too - so clogging up with mud doesn't happen, cleans out and grips straight away. Little bit heavy, but when grip is needed, this is the one to go for. 



Specialized Purgatory


Specialized PurgatoryThe Specialized Purgatory is a great tyre when used as a rear for trail riding - this can also double up as an XC front tyre making it more universal for more riders. The air volume matches the Butcher when used along side it, sometimes maybe a little smaller which is fine when it's coming to acceleration. Grip in and out of corners is more than acceptable. It doesn't let you down - though if you want to get rowdy on your bike and drift some corners a little help from the back brake sets you up just fine.







Schwalbe Hans Dampf


Schwalbe Hans DampfThe Hans Dampf is almost like the smaller sister of the Magic Mary - much more trail orientated than the Magic Mary though. It works well as either a front and back tyre or a rear when paired with a Magic Mary up front, or even as a front with a Rock Razor as a can choose pretty much any type of set up you like. These tyres do also come in different compounds again along with the Supergravity tough sidewalls. If it's trails you are riding, this would be a tyre we would recommend to you - we have ran these twice in Revolution Bike Park on a bone dry day in the summer. This was a rare occasion that it was dry, but they held up just fine.






Schwalbe Rock Razor


Schwalbe Rock RazorThe Rock Razor tyre is a semi slick, big dig in knobs either side, and micro knobbles in the center. This works so much better than what we expected. Even on steep wet rocky climbs it dug in more than we thought and worked just as well as a knobbly rear tyre. This semi slick takes away some drag when riding and makes your bike feel like it just wants to accelerate as soon as you start pedaling. This tyre is confidence inspiring in corners even though it's a semi slick, the edges dig in just as much as the Hans Dampf.






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