Wilier Bikes: A Combination of Performance and Value!

Riding a cool, classy bike is what anyone would enjoy isn’t it? No matter how much of a hectic lifestyle you may have if you owned a Wilier you would certain want to take time away from all that hustle and bustle to hit the open road and enjoy the pleasure of riding a Wilier Road Bike.

2015 Wilier Bikes for Sale in UK

With such a large of variety of cycles in the marketplace it easy for a person to become confused and frustrated while choosing which brand of bike should you go for. If this is you then checkout the range Wilier Bikes we have at Formby Cycles.

Wilier are a classic Italian brand and have been making bikes for over a hundred years. Wilier Bikes are manufactured with amazing quality and high level of craftsmanship that is containing evolving. If you are passionate about cycle then you have to give Wilier a serious look. Formby Cycles have the full range of road bikes available to you from the Wilier Zero9 & Cento 1 down to the GTR, Izoard and Montagrappa models. Call into our store to see our Wilier Bikes Sale section and get the bike of your dreams.

Wilier Bikes for Sale in UK

Of course Wilier don’t just make quality road racing machines. We even have single speed models Toni Bevilacqua & Pontivecchio for the people who like to spice up their fixie ride. They also cater for the mountain bikers with their 407XB, 409XB, 501XN & 505XN hardtails. We at Formby Cycles appreciate the people who are passionate about the sport and riding their Wilier Bikes that we can also supply Wilier accessories to whet their appetite. If you are the person who likes to ride the stylish Wilier Bikes we would like to hear from you.

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