Wilier Cento 1 AIR Road Bike

Take a look at the new Wilier road bikes that have just landed in Formby cycles, we are really excited with the new range.

The cento Air frame is high-modulus carbon, and looks realy slick. Wilier have used Kamm tail tube shapes throughout. Even the seat post, made by Ritchey specifically for the Cento 1 Air.

While we’re talking about the seat post, it’s held in place by two different systems, aero posts being notoriously prone to slipping in the frame. To prevent that, Wilier have gone for an internal wedge system within the frame and an external collar that sits flush with the top tube. this is a real cool peace of kit.

Up front, Wilier have used a lot of material in the head tube and plenty more in the crown of the integrated fork. Front-end stiffness is something of a brand feature so they didn’t want to compromise here.

Look closely beneath the crown and you can see two little channels right through from front to back, the idea being to allow air to flow right through unimpeded, and there’s a central ridge that runs straight into the leading edge of the down tube.

Towards the back of the bike, the seatstays join the seat tube pretty low to reduce the frontal area, and they kink out immediately to shelter the rear brake and smooth the airflow in that region

The gear cables head inside the down tube via a removable plate design that’s taken straight from the Cento 1 Air. I think it’s a really neat-looking feature, although I’ve heard people say the exact opposite. You get barrel adjusters to fine-tune the shifting if you’re running a mechanical system and they’re tucked away out of the wind. The fact that you can take the whole thing off should make recabling a relatively straightforward job.

There’s another removable plate underneath the bottom bracket, with the two cable runs differently shaped according to the ultimate destination in order to keep shifting as smooth as possible.

The dropouts are all-carbon and the 3D mech hanger is a really tidy piece of work. Wilier have certainly taken care of the details here.

As you can see, the bottom bracket is an oversized BB386 Evo for extra stiffness. Wilier, along with BH and FSA, pioneered this design. And the rear stays are asymmetric to take account of the differing forces on either side of the bike. This is another feature that Wilier have taken from previous models.

The Cento 1 Air will be available as a frameset for £2,399. It’ll also come in a mechanical Ultegra 11-speed version with Shimano RS21 wheels for £3,750, and in an Ultegra Di2 build for £4,249.

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