An Experts Guide To Buying Your First Electric Bike

An Experts Guide To Buying Your First Electric Bike


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An Experts Guide To Buying Your First Electric Bike

You ride an electric bike in exactly the same way as you would a pedal bike, but with an electric bike when you pedal, the motor kicks in to help you. There are usually various motor settings so it is possible for you to cycle without much effort at all. Some bikes also have a throttle that can be engaged to help at specific times, for example when setting off quickly at a junction. Alternatively, you can switch the motor off and ride your bike conventionally. Below are just some of the frequently asked questions about electric bikes.


How far do electric bikes travel?

This does depend on the battery and also just how much you use the battery while riding but in general the range is between 50 and 80 miles with a single battery charge.

How long do the batteries take to recharge?

Again it depends on the battery, most decent batteries will charge in 3.5 - 4.5 hours. 

How much can you save with an electric bike?

A typical electric bike will cost between 10-15p per mile to run & maintain Depending on mileage, and the sort of vehicle you’re replacing. So if you are replacing a car with an e-bike you can save a fortune. 

Do electric bikes make you fitter?

The evidence seems to suggest that the answer is yes. This is because people tend to use their electric bikes a lot more than those with an ordinary bike. You still have to do some pedalling and of course you can always switch the power off if you want a good workout. 

Are electric bikes safer than traditional bicycles?

Well the power can assist keeping your speed up and help with accelerating which is helpful to get you through roundabouts, out of side turnings and up hills faster so you could say they safer than an ordinary bike. 

What do you think of electric bike conversion kits?

It’s a very tempting idea for many people who already have a nice bike. If the weight is well distributed and the components are fitted well and of high quality the electric components add very little to the stresses put onto a bike. But the best option would still be to buy an electric bike

What should people look for in the best electric bike battery?

A well-known brand who has been around a while and you expect to be around into the future. A guarantee of two years or more is essential. Then a good capacity of 350Wh. 

What should you look for in a quality electric bike?

Quality established brand, crank drives are best for most situations. If the bike nice to ride without power it’s often a good electric bike. 

How much do electric bikes cost?

Our Electric bikes start at around £1500 and go up to about £8000 for some of the new e-Mountain Bikes. Of course at Formby Cycles we have 0% finance options on all bikes to spread the cost. Give our experts a call for more information 01704 835 720

How long would you expect an electric bike to last before being replaced?

There is no real time limit with a good quality brand. You would expect to change the battery every 3-4 years depending on the amount of use.
Formby cycles offer a wide range of e-bikes for every cyclist. For more information, browse our selection of hybrid and mountain e-bikes or call our specialist team on 01704 835 720

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