Brompton Bikes


Brompton Bikes

All Bromptons are designed and built in there factory in West London, England. Brompton is one of only two major frame manufacturers still based in the UK, and has been in full production since 1988. The company has come a long way since its initial production facility in a railway arch, and the current site occupies 22,000 ft2 (some 2,000m2)

The company remains in private hands and is now led by Will Butler-Adams, though the Brompton’s inventor, Andrew Ritchie, continues to act as Technical Director. Private ownership has played a big part in making Brompton successful as they have always been able to focus solely on the bike, never the demands of corporate shareholders.

Today, Bromptons are sold in 33 export markets. In the UK, USA, Canada and Ireland, they sell directly to carefully-selected bicycle retailers; in other territories, we sell to distributors who operate their own dealer networks.

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Brompton Bikes History

Since Brompton Bikes was founded in 1976, Brompton have been the industry leaders in folding bikes. With every magazine review, one thing is clear, Brompton bikes always come out ontop. From the 1st prototype back in 1977 to the model we see today, there have only ever been 3 models. Such was the quality of the original design, Brompton bikes are unlike other bike manufacturers, they do not update there bikes very often, if it is not broken, why try to fix it some might say!

Brompton bikes are now available in various configurations with the whole ordering stage having a personal feel. Simply work your way through the bespoke Brompton order form, picking the speeds, handlebars, colours and any aditional extras that you wish to have include. With each Brompton bike being handmade and assembled by hand in London, there is a 4 week lead time to wait for these bikes, but trust us, it is definatly worth it.

0% Finance on Brompton Bikes at Formby Cycles

Here at Formby Cycles we make buying your dream Brompton Bike and accessories a reality, by offering finance packages up to 36 months interest free credit with only a 10% deposit. All of our finance packages on Brompton bikes are interest free with no hidden extras ensuring your budget stretches further, with none of your cash going towards paying off the added burden of interest charges.

It couldn't be simpler to get a Brompton Bike on 0% Finance

Leave a minimum deposit of 10% of your whole purchase & then spread the remaining cost over the chosen term - up to 36 months interest free credit. Please Click here or call the store directly for more information on 0% finance with only a 10% deposit on Brompton Bike.

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