Should I choose a Road bike or Hybrid?

Should I choose a Road bike or Hybrid?

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Should I choose a Road bike or Hybrid?

Whether you want to  commute to work, get fit or just explore the countryside on longer rides choosing the bike best suited to you and your needs can be a tricky task. Your choice of bike will depend on your own tastes, and the kind of distance and terrain you want to ride. So if you are asking yourself "which bike should I go for, road or hybrid?" then hopefully we can give you some guidance

Road Bikes

Road bikes really come into their own when you want to ride a quicker and go a bit further. As the name suggests, these bikes are all about riding on smooth tarmac.  They’ll have a lightweight frame and thinner tyres than you would usually find on a Hybrid bike. They have drop handlebars that allow you to get into a more efficient and aerodynamic riding position and the gearing will be higher in most cases to help with the need for speed.
But over the last few years road bikes have become more diversified, you have the full on racer like the Giant TCR or Cannondale Supersix. This type of bike has geometry designed for racing and competition with gearing to match the need for speed. 
Then you have the endurance bike such as the Specialized Allez or Giant Defy. These have a slightly more relaxed geometry, upright position and have a more comfortable ride. They are great for all day rides and sportives.  
Lastly, new to the scene are the Gravel bikes which are road bikes that have been adapted to go off road. They have fatter knobbly tyres and slightly different gearing enabling you to take some off road shortcuts and diversion on you commute. Gravel bikes are also a good option for touring or if you need to carry luggage has they usually come with contact points for fitting racks. 

Hybrid Bikes

These are generally a cross between road and mountain bikes with lower gears, fatter tyres and straight handlebars. They’re also equipped with plenty of mounts that allow you to carry more luggage, such as specialist pannier bags. In general Hybrid bikes are better suited to slower shorter rides and commuting where you need to carry luggage with you.
There are basically two types off Hybrid bikes first you have the fast commuting bike like the Giant Rapid this is very similar to the Giant Defy road bike but it comes with flat bars rather than the drop road bars, plus it will also contact points for a rack and make an excellent fast commuter. Another bike similar to this but with the added comfort of a front suspension fork is the Cannondale Quick CX. 
The Suspension fork will increase the overall weight of the bike but unless you live very hilly area this shouldn’t be an issue.
Then there is the Hybrid bike that comes more from the mountain bike side of things. These will have fatter knobbly tyres, suspension forks and have the general look and feel of a mountain bike. The more relaxed riding position and more stable shape means that you can take on almost anything, whether it forest trail riding with the family at the weekend or a quick spin to your job. 
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