Service & Repair

Service and Repair Centre.

Formby Cycles has full workshop facilities with fully trained and experienced mechanics. Our workshop is on open view in the store and is highly organised & expertly maintained. Repairs, servicing, builds & re-builds are all carried out in an expert way by our skilled mechanics.

Clear pricing, 1st class service and friendly staff that are happy to keep you informed every step of the way.

If you are looking for bike repairs in the North West we can build, repair or tune your bike. We have always insisted on first class workshop quality and honesty. The are no hidden charges  so you know what you will be charged for a specific job.

Why use Formby Cycles workshop?

We will give you a cost and time estimate before commencing any repair work.
We'll advise you on the best way look after your bike.
Once completed we will call or text you and provide you with a service sheet so you can see what has been done and what may be needed in the future.
We only use Official Service centres for Fox, Rockshox, Marzocchi etc. ensuring your forks and rear suspension components are only touched by fully qualified staff with extensive, specific experience using fully authorized components with manufacturers warranty.
We can work with you on fast turnaround, especially if you are struggling for other transport.

Turnaround is usually 2 to 7 days depending on the nature of the repair.

Service Repair Menu.


Tube/Tyre fit £10.00 + Tube
Wheel rebuild £40.00 + Spokes
Extras Spokes £35.00 per wheel
  Alloy Nipples £9.00 per wheel
  Cut out old spokes £5.00 per wheel
Wheel true Starting from £15.00 + £1 per spoke
Hub service £15.00 plus parts

Gear System

Gear adjust & cable fitting £15.00 plus parts
Fit rear or front mech £20.00 plus parts
Chain Fitting & lube £20.00 plus parts
Replace & straighten gear hanger £20.00 plus parts
Remove & fit cassette £10.00 plus parts
Fit & re-grease bottom bracket £20.00 plus parts

Brake System

Brake adjust/repair £15.00 plus parts
Hydro brake bleed & oil £25.00 per brake
Disc brake fitting & facing £25.00 per brake
Disc brake service: Bleed, pads & disc clean £55.00 per brake
Fit & ajdust brake cable £15.00 plus parts


Remove/fit headset £25.00
1 hour labour charge £40.00
Service child's bike upto 20" wheel £30.00
Fork Service Call for prices
Bike build mail order £45.00

Gold Service

Full strip down, clean & re-grease, clean chain, cassette, fork and wheels. Rebuild with new cables & then fully serviced. £140.00

Disc Brake Gold Service

As above but includes front & brake bleed & new pads £160.00

Silver Service

Check & adjust brakes & gears. New brake and gear cables & pads. Check & adjust headset & bottom bracket bearings. Wheel true & tension £85.00

Disc Brake Silver Service

As above but includes  new pads £100.00


Bronze Service

Check & adjust brakes & gears. Check & adjust wheel bearings. Check & adjust bottom bracket & headset bearings. Check all bolts for torque setting. Check tyre pressure £40.00


Fitting Charges

Cycle commuter fitting From £7.00
Cycle rack fitting From £10.00
Mudguard fitting From £10.00
Misc/Accessory fitting  From £7.00