Benefits of E-Bikes

Benefits of E-Bikes


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Benefits of E-Bikes

Electric bikes are simply bicycles with a battery at the back or on the downtube , however many cyclists are put off by the idea of an electric bike. Because they are more expensive, promote less exercise and are heavier to handle when the motor is off.
More and more people are choosing e-bikes for the shorter journeys. Though some cyclists may be put off by the weight and expense, there are many reasons why you should choose an e-bike for your commute.... So if you love cycling, the fresh air and free transport an e-bike could be for you. You will most likely find that your journey door-to-door is shortened in length because of the extra help from the motor. 

Why choose an electric bike? 

Faster Travel

An electric bike can be a faster alternative in for busy urban areas and with the average speed of cars often falling below 10mph. in cities. Being able maintain a higher average speed than a bicycle, yet take advantage of the full network of cycle facilities giving access to routes that cars cannot reach. The result is often a faster door-to-door journey time on shorter journeys than any other transport mode. And by nipping along the relatively uncongested cycle network, electric bikes tend to be the most consistent mode of travel.

Easier Travel

Most people who rule out commuting to work by bike do so because of the mess factor. Getting to work all sweaty and sweating through your clothes is not a good look for the office. But the combination of cruising and cycling that e-bikes allow, will save you some effort (and some sweat), so you can burn some calories but prevent your ride from becoming a workout you’re not dressed for.

Hill Climbing

That may sound obvious, but it’s the primary advantage of a good electric bike is that it effectively 'flattens' hills, helping to increase your average speed as you go up. Provided you supply a reasonable amount of effort, you can expect to climb hills. In hilly areas the effect is nothing short of miraculous.


The extra speed and acceleration means that you can easily stop and start in traffic and at junctions, which helps to keep you out of danger. The faster your acceleration at junctions and roundabouts the safer you’ll be able to navigate them. 

The Running Costs

An Electric Bike will cost a little more than a conventional bike and the mechanical wear and tear would be about the same as any other bike. The cost to charge an electric bike is so cheap as to be largely irrelevant, there is an extra expense in terms of battery depreciation. Consequently, an electric bike costs more to run and maintain over a conventional bike. 

Lighter Carbon Footprint

Because e-Bikes use electricity rather than say petrol  or diesel, your e-bike emits a lot less carbon than a car would. In 2011 the European Cyclists’ Federation found that when comparing electric bikes to cars, the bikes emitted just 8.1% per km of CO2 that a car emits making a measurable impact on the environment.   This Makes the Electric bike the most fuel efficient mode of transport for everyday use. The typical fuel consumption is 8-16 watt-hours per mile, or something like a tenth as much as a small motorcycle.

They are fun to ride

The electric bike is a very different experience to riding any other type of bike. It gives you the chance to sit back, relax and take in the surroundings you might not have noticed before on your journey. It’s much less effort. You won’t get as easily tired on your journey when the motor is on. Of course you can turn the motor on and off and you basically get two bikes in one. This means you can have a leisurely cycle to work and then turn the motor off for a good workout on your journey home.

Personal Fitness

Recent research shows that around 46% of conventional bikes are only used once or twice a week. With about another 30% being used once a fortnight or even less.  And to this, that figures confirm that an electric bike typically gets used at least twice as often as a conventional machine. There is going to be an health benefit to riding an electric bike, after all you still have to pedal the bike. The motor provides up to half the effort, but more regular use means more exercise for the rider.

Less impact

Riding an electric bike is much less damaging to your knees and joints, meaning it’s a great option for people of all ages and health. The general upright seating position of them also can reduce back and neck pain. Carrying your shopping is bliss. The electric bike does most of the hard work for you taking the strain out of those rises and hills.#
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