The Whyte E-180 S

The Whyte E-180 S

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Whyte E-180 S V2 Electric Bike
Why Whyte? Exceptional performance and British all-weather reliability could be a good point to start. The uncompromised, award-winning Whyte geometry, combined with an ultra-low centre of gravity, means outstanding handling, balance and control. There is no big cut-out in the downtube to fit the battery in as it is loaded through a slide-in port at end. This means you get maximum structural integrity, torsional stiffness and UK weather-proof construction. The eSystem is from Bosch means quality engineering and unbeatable backup.

The Whyte E-180 S V2 combines RockShox new ZEB fork with a Super Deluxe rear shock and powerful Code R brakes, which means it’s built for the toughest trails. The Bosch Gen 4 motor is super-compact with exceptionally smooth power delivery which simulates normal pedalling. The range shouldn’t be an issue as Whyte have fitted a powerful 625Wh battery as standard and the motor torque has been improved to 85Nm and the e-MTB mode has many improved features.

Whyte Say - The E-180 is an exceptionally capable, fast and dynamic 180mm travel Enduro-focussed mountain bike able to get you down the toughest lines in record time - and the motor helps you power back to the top to do it all again and again.

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