Wahoo Elemnt Rival Multisport GPS Watch

Wahoo Elemnt Rival Multisport GPS Watch

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The Wahoo Elemnt Rival Multi-sport GPS Watch creates a seamless training and racing experience. The Elemnt Rival is powered by proven Elemnt technology, the Rival radically simplifies the way you interact with a sport watch to deliver a seamless performance advantage. Allowing you to focus on your performance, not how your equipment is performing.

The Rival delivers a simple user experience via the intuitive Elemnt operating system. It comes with unique multi-sport features like Multi-sport Handover, Touchless Transition and Perfect View Zoom. Designed with a 64 colour screen, ceramic bezel and gorilla glass lens, the Elemnt Rival not only looks great for everyday use but will also withstand your hardest workouts.

Whether training or competing, with powerful and intelligent multi-sport features, the Rival tracks segment time and workout data with minimal interaction between you and your watch. You can track each triathlon segment without interacting with your watch, even through transitions. When the race is over your data is stored and 
you can start thinking about your next event.

It connects wireless with ANT+® and BLUETOOTH® and ANT+ FE-C and is phone compatible with  iPhone (iOS 12 or newer) and Android (Version 6 or newer)

Your Smartphone is necessary for setup and to have phone, email, and alert features.


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